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Meet our instructors

Scott Hillman

Pastor Scott Hillman and his wife Jennifer entered into full-time ministry in 2003 and planted their first church, River of Praise Fellowship, in 2008. As educators, He and Jennifer continue to lead educational tours to the land of Israel each year in an effort to help Christians connect with the Hebraic foundations of their faith in the God of Israel. Pastor Scott’s teachings have been translated into several languages and used as teaching materials throughout the world. He serves as the President of A.C.T.S. Biblical Training Center as well as a Biblical Instructor.

Matthew Miller

Biblical Instructor
Pastor Matthew Miller is committed to fostering spiritual growth and biblical knowledge among the students at ACTS Biblical Training Center. His approach to teaching combines Rabbinic insights, Christian theology, and the Hebrew language resulting in a unique teaching style. An adept teacher and engaging storyteller, he brings Scripture to life with interactive lessons, making the ancient texts relevant and accessible to all ages. Beyond his teaching duties, he cherishes time with his wife Jessica, and their 3 children. His dedication to faith, family, and community marks him as a valued teacher and leader in our School. 

Jillian Buboltz

Traditional Skills Instructor
Jillian earned her B.S. in Chemistry from The College of William and Mary and Masters in Public Health/Registered Dietitian from UNC Chapel Hill. She currently lives in the Appalachian mountains of WNC with her husband and 3 children. 

Justin Macaluso

Biblical Instructor
Justin Macaluso was born in San Diego and raised across various parts of the Southwest. His early years were marked by a lack of spiritual guidance, culminating in a worldview and lifestyle centered around atheism. Despite this, Justin found a passion in music, which guided him through his childhood. After completing high school, he joined the Marine Corps Band. In the final year of his initial contract with the Marine Corps, Justin experienced a profound spiritual awakening when Yahweh, in an act of pure mercy, revealed His Son to him at a time when Justin was not seeking Him. Following this life-changing experience, Justin was led through various spiritual and educational endeavors, including ministry school, church internships, and studies in Music and Worship. Currently, Justin’s focus is on prophetic worship, songs of lament, and teaching God’s people about their Kingdom Identity through understanding His ways. His journey from atheism to becoming a student with his current pastoral team has led him to become a teacher at ACTS Biblical Training Center, where he strives to help students understand the transformative power of God’s Word.

Wendy Jackson

Agriculture Instructor
Wendy Jackson grew up in rural Minnesota. She opened 3 restaurants from scratch, and completed studies in plant-based nutrition. She created a 10-week nutritional lifestyle course, which assisted people in recovering from cancer, MS, and diabetes. She purchased the business, Perfect Pickler, and began a lifetime study of gut health and fermentation. Then ThriveForGood invited Wendy to Kenya, Africa, to teach Fermentation at their organic gardening center. This continued until Wendy was hired as Content Creator to work with a team to create an online course for the extreme poor all across the globe. This curriculum included organic gardening, nutrition education, herbal medicine, leadership skills, and income generation. Currently 10,000+ people in developing countries are taking that course.
Today, Wendy, and her husband Dave, are establishing a similar training center in Liberia, Africa. Their goal is to equip all people with skills for self and community sustainability by teaching locally, online, and abroad. She also does public speaking events generating partners to join in the effort to equip all people for sustainability; especially the extreme poor.
Wendy has a love for all traditional skills, and a passion to teach all people a simple, self/community sufficient lifestyle.

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